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More on Evers and Teachers Behaving Badly

Media Trackers has learned that in three cases of teacher license revocation, the offenses had been brought to the attention of the State Department of Public Instruction years earlier. However, no action occurred until State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers was under scrutiny from the GOP in relation to the Andrew Harris case.

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@WILL on Twitter

2 days ago
DID YOU KNOW? A new WILL report found that a primary indicator of #opioid abuse in #Wisconsin is family structure. Learn more here --> WILawLiberty photo
2 days ago
DID YOU KNOW? When people are told how much #Wisconsin is spending per student on public education, 60% think it is Just Right or Too High. WILawLiberty photo
3 days ago
JUST ANNOUNCED: WILL President @RickEsenberg will be speaking in #GreenBay on the #McAdams v. #Marquette case. Sign up now for a special luncheon.
3 days ago
WILL study finds family structure, not poverty, is correlated with #opioid use in #Wisconsin. Read more here --> WILawLiberty photo

@RightWisconsin on Twitter

2 days ago
This is getting ridiculous. We keep being told that the mob doesn’t want to silence conservatives, just the bad ones, but then we get nonsense like this week’s pile-on against @benshapiro
2 days ago
His leadership and decades of service to the people of Wisconsin helped make our state a national leader in reform. Mike’s stories were as famous as his political skills. He will be greatly missed.

My condolences go out to his wife Sandy and his family.


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