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More on Evers and Teachers Behaving Badly

Media Trackers has learned that in three cases of teacher license revocation, the offenses had been brought to the attention of the State Department of Public Instruction years earlier. However, no action occurred until State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers was under scrutiny from the GOP in relation to the Andrew Harris case.

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12 hours ago
Thanks to @IbawOffice for the opportunity to discuss the 2018 midterm elections and what we can expect in #Wisconsin going forward. WILawLiberty photo
14 hours ago
WILL's @WillFlandersWI and @CatoInstitute's @DeAngelisCorey write in the @dcexaminer on the results of their new study on the #education marketplace in #Milwaukee.

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14 hours ago
Bringing the message of freedom and limited gov't from #Wisconsin to Washington.

@RickEsenberg, @CJSzafir , and @ltvebber at the White House today.
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2 days ago
"Government shouldn’t pick winners and losers," said a statement from Collin Roth, a policy analyst with the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty. "The market and consumer choice ought to determine the destiny of businesses, not politicians."


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