Sam Morateck

More on Evers and Teachers Behaving Badly

Media Trackers has learned that in three cases of teacher license revocation, the offenses had been brought to the attention of the State Department of Public Instruction years earlier. However, no action occurred until State Schools Superintendent Tony Evers was under scrutiny from the GOP in relation to the Andrew Harris case.

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3 days ago
Thank you to @IbawOffice for letting me speak to your group about K-12 education policy and how Wisconsin can increase student achievement! #SchoolChoice #edreform #wiright WILawLiberty photo
3 days ago
WILL Executive VP @CJSzafir discussing WILL’s “Roadmap to Student Achievment” and education reform with @IbawOffice WILawLiberty photo
4 days ago
"DPI is prohibiting private schools from fully utilizing this educational tool. And it needs to be fixed, either through the legislative process with this bill or the courts with our lawsuit." WILawLiberty photo
4 days ago
"Private schools in the choice program should be entitled to the same benefits as public schools. Virtual learning has been transformational for many public schools, helping to deal with the harsh Wisconsin winters. (2/3)


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