Steve Spingola

The Story Behind the Story of Milwaukee’s Interim Police Chief

The real news here is the interim chief, if he performs reasonably well, will likely become the permanent chief of police for two reasons: the FPC and community residents want a person to lead the police department that knows Milwaukee. The second reason is routinely ignored by mainstream media outlets — the City of Milwaukee’s precarious financial situation.

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@WILL on Twitter

19 hours ago
"...invoking cloture without regard to a particular candidate’s merits...serves no purpose other than gumming up the works. highly qualified judges are languishing for far too long."
23 hours ago
ICYMI: Check out Cori Petersen's @realclearpolicy piece on the use and abuse of the cloture vote. --> WILawLiberty photo
2 days ago
WILL's @NatalieGoodnow will be speaking at a @NR_Institute panel titled "Fostering A Culture of Hope: Exploring Faith-Based Solutions to Foster Care Needs" in Washington DC on Thursday. Check out the event here --> WILawLiberty photo
2 days ago
Check out WILL's Cori Petersen on the use and abuse of the cloture vote to slow down judicial nominations. WILawLiberty photo

@RightWisconsin on Twitter

21 hours ago
They must have a full time guard on it to protect it from the liquor distributors and the tavern league trying to burn it.
RightWisconsin photo
Patrick Marley @patrickdmarley
A very Wisconsin book is sitting on the coffee table in the library at the governor’s mansion.
21 hours ago
It must be an election year. Tammy Baldwin is on TV again trying to portray herself as a non-partisan, soft-spoken hugger who cares. Where's the commercial of her with Sens. Warren, Harris and Sanders calling for higher taxes, bigger government?


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