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1 hour ago
This week, in the middle of a global pandemic, DATCP published a new rule to raise fees on labs that test water, food, and milk by 20%. You cannot make this stuff up. #StopTheBureaucrats #OutOfTouch

Source: https://t.co/CROQgNFkwu https://t.co/hzfjHwCqKw
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1 hour ago
"As of April 5, 290,000 Wisconsinites have applied for unemployment benefits since Gov. Evers declared Wisconsin to be in a public health emergency March 12." https://t.co/79qQ1USCRH
1 hour ago
New from Cori Petersen: By The Numbers: Coronavirus Slams Wisconsin Economy https://t.co/Qjd0W69JsM
3 hours ago
I haven't seen a cheesehead with as reckless disregard for the rules as @GovEvers since Charles Martin. We'll discuss the surreal WI election and grotesque DC press corps coverage of it w/ @WILawLiberty's Luke Berg at 8:08am. @MorningAnswer

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