Will Flanders

@WILL on Twitter

13 hours ago
After we took legal action on behalf of @HunterNation, the DNR announced that hunter safety courses will resume in July: https://t.co/B7sNf9OpkX
13 hours ago
“They’re required by state law, no matter what the policy is, to give people a chance to weigh in on that policy before they adopt it. The DNR didn’t do that here. They simply just posted a notice on their website,”

15 hours ago
The U.S. Supreme Court orders the Seventh Circuit to reconsider their decision in a WILL religious liberty case: https://t.co/MP2XeAhOlc
17 hours ago
ICYMI: @ltvebber provides an update on WILL's lawsuit against @WDNR after the state agency canceled in-person hunter safety courses.


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