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9 hours ago
Many U.S. leaders agree-families should choose what education option best fits their children's needs. Can't wait for the NBF, Hispanics for School Choice, @SchoolChoiceWI, @WILawLiberty, @SchoolChoiceNow & @AFPWI Capitol Rally in honor of School Choice!

2 days ago
What does occupational licensing look like in #Wisconsin?

Every year more workers have to fight more red tape.

Read more from @badgerinstitute and WILL --> https://t.co/995CEzo8Qn https://t.co/4Bl5EXys99
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2 days ago
Great work @badgerinstitute @WILawLiberty on your 'Primer on Occupational Licensing'. More proof that my Sunrise Review bill needs to be passed, which creates a process to review the impact of newly proposed regulations before they are enacted.
https://t.co/VqLbRvzrSc https://t.co/r9pQrjFjM7
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2 days ago
Research shows occupational licensing:

❌ Limits employment and opportunity
😑 Raises prices
🛫Limits worker mobility
🧐All without conclusive evidence that it boosts quality or safety.

Check out more on OL from WILL and @badgerinstitute


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