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WILL Rebuttal to UW Voter ID Study

In a statement made to the media, one of the study’s authors, UW Professor Kenneth Mayer, said that persons who are eligible but “cannot vote because of” the Voter ID law have been” disenfranchised.” But that it is not what the survey found. According to the press release from the study, “Most of the people who said they did not vote because they lacked ID actually possessed a qualifying form of ID.”

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2 days ago
"States with better charter laws according to the NEA have worse charter school performance."

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2 days ago
When @WillFlandersWI looked at the @NEAToday Charter School Statutes Report cards, he found up is down and down is up.

States that got poor grades from NEA have some of the best academic outcomes for charter schools.

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3 days ago
In the name of “quality,” the NEA supports laws that undermine charter school quality. Just goes to show that their real goal is knee-capping the competition, not actually providing quality schooling options for kids. https://t.co/PDOj7bbZRY
4 days ago
Who supports #CharterSchools and Private #SchoolChoice in #Wisconsin?

African Americans
Young Voters https://t.co/4UpACSbn6Z
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