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WILL Rebuttal to UW Voter ID Study

In a statement made to the media, one of the study’s authors, UW Professor Kenneth Mayer, said that persons who are eligible but “cannot vote because of” the Voter ID law have been” disenfranchised.” But that it is not what the survey found. According to the press release from the study, “Most of the people who said they did not vote because they lacked ID actually possessed a qualifying form of ID.”

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21 minutes ago
WILL Director of Education Policy @LibbySobic touted the benefits of a new bill intro'd by @RepGallagher to establish a grant program to increase financial literacy.

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2 hours ago
"In our polarized politics, we expect many will mischaracterize this lawsuit and malign our motives... This lawsuit is about ensuring that a challenge like COVID-19 doesn’t erode our system of government and subvert the rule of law."

9 hours ago
. @RickEsenberg: "We have to return to regular constitutional order."
9 hours ago
. @RickEsenberg: "When there is an emergency declaration, the governor can essentially rule by decree... that is a departure from our normal constitutional order... the Governor is declaring one emergency after another. "

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