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Department of Public Instruction Behaving Like They Are Above the Rule of Law

If government agencies are not held accountable, small procedural oversteps can become large abuses of power. That’s why it matters that Wisconsin’s education agency, the Department of Public Instruction (DPI), has failed in at least seven places to follow the required administrative rule-making process for a proposed regulation.

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2 days ago
The Secret Life of Wisconsin Kids--and how Parents Are Being Deceived https://t.co/C6GpyJnwv0 @FRCdc @wilawliberty
3 days ago
A WI school district with 27,000 kids has a policy to hide kids' transgenderism from parents. Parents sued Tuesday: https://t.co/BWRn8vc2ym
3 days ago
It's no surprise Madison area schools are pushing policies to blur boundaries between parent/teacher responsibilities. Just another attempt to separate families because "the state knows best."

#ShoutOut to @WILawLiberty for putting forth great work!

3 days ago
Wisconsin school district sued by parents over policy allowing children to use new gender pronouns, names https://t.co/pzABBt7ulU #FoxNews

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