Thanksgiving on the Red-Blue Divide

In “How to Have a Conversation With Your Angry Uncle Over Thanksgiving,” Tamerius creates a bunch of no-win (if you’re a conservative) conversation paths similar to the “build your own adventure” books for children. At the end of the process, everyone at the family Thanksgiving table will be in favor of nationalized health care, higher taxes, forced unionization, and even rooting for the Detroit Lions.

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The Boys from Baraboo

If Gust is correct that the photo was supposedly the children waving goodbye, it’s a shame that he wasn’t faster in getting that side of the story out. The children, and they are children, are already suffering the repercussions of Gust’s photo.

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20 hours ago
@WILawLiberty's recent school choice study explores the reasons for school growth and closures, finding parents choose schools based on performance and safety.
2 days ago
"While enterprise zones can be good public policy, using them as a way to give money to influence routine plant closings and expansions raise serious questions," Esenberg said. "

2 days ago
After the latest news from @CBSNews and WHBY, Josh will talk to Rick Esenberg from @WILawLiberty about the K-C deal, then he wants to hear from you!

Call the @SettlersbankWI Phone Line at 920-281-1150 to be part of the conversation.

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