The Boys from Baraboo

If Gust is correct that the photo was supposedly the children waving goodbye, it’s a shame that he wasn’t faster in getting that side of the story out. The children, and they are children, are already suffering the repercussions of Gust’s photo.

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The End of the Wisconsin Era

I’m proud to volunteer for a Republican Party that Reince Priebus built, to live in a state that Scott Walker opened for business, and to live in a country that Paul Ryan worked to make great again.  

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@WILL on Twitter

5 hours ago
It's been 2 weeks since WILL sued #Milwaukee Ald. Russell Stamper for violating the open records law. In the mean time, he's been trying to raise his salary.

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https://t.co/8O8FZa8Crx https://t.co/V5n4sgPWHz
WILawLiberty photo
6 hours ago
"Although the authors of this legislation are well-intentioned, it is still bad public policy for the government to pick winners and losers in the marketplace." - @BottAFP https://t.co/TZlI2cpbve
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AFP-Wisconsin to Legislators: Reject Corporate Welfare
Read more here --> https://t.co/20VRwW5BZq #wiright https://t.co/kxTKhWLfMy
6 hours ago
ICYMI: Research Director @WillFlandersWI took a dive into the new state report cards for #Milwaukee school sectors.

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10 hours ago
"The good news is that the critical mass of people benefiting from school choice over the past quarter-century continues to expand. The bad news is that, for now, they’ll be playing defense."



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