Young Man in a Hurry

The impatience of youth is well-known. Matt Walker is a bright, capable young man and most districts would be well-represented by someone like him. However, given the example of his father, perhaps someone should ask Walker, “What’s the hurry?”

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Taken for a Ride

Federal grants led to a series of bad decisions culminating in The Hop. Meanwhile, the Joseph Project is actually improving the lives of Milwaukee residents without spending taxpayers’ money.

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@WILL on Twitter

1 hour ago
Big win for campus speech: Judge rules students don't even need a "public forum" to hand out individualized messages. @WILawLiberty brought the lawsuit against free speech zones.
2 hours ago
"I think that NWTC would do itself some good if it simply accepted the fact that it’s a public institution, that it’s constrained by the First Amendment and that its purpose is to provide for the open exchange of ideas among its students," Esenberg said.

2 hours ago
Judge strikes down college that banned student from handing out ‘Jesus Loves You’ valentines https://t.co/ebbN362rIt via @collegefix
20 hours ago
WILL was proud to participate in a round table with @BetsyDeVosED in #Milwaukee, the birthplace of #SchoolChoice! https://t.co/QvY7gi1oFL WILawLiberty photo


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