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18 hours ago
"DPI is prohibiting private schools from fully utilizing this educational tool. And it needs to be fixed, either through the legislative process with this bill or the courts with our lawsuit." https://t.co/OeKVIXDwav WILawLiberty photo
18 hours ago
"Private schools in the choice program should be entitled to the same benefits as public schools. Virtual learning has been transformational for many public schools, helping to deal with the harsh Wisconsin winters. (2/3)
18 hours ago
"WILL supports AB 129/SB 111 and thanks Senator @SenKooyenga and Representative @JohnJagler for their leadership on the issue. (1/3)
18 hours ago
ICYMI: Listen to @RickEsenberg break down the release of the #MuellerReport with @WTMJSteve on @620wtmj this morning.



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