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Response to Rep Jesse Kremer’s GOP thoughts

They are losing ground to the minority party because they are not doing what they promised they would do once they were elected. Now they expect to get re-elected because they have lost their spine much like the state party is doing right now, especially when it comes to the school safety issue.

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20 hours ago
That said, it is a good thing that the Court went out of its way to make clear that guidance documents are not law and bind no one. As Justice Kelly wrote in the majority opinion, "Functionally, and as a matter of law, they are entirely inert."
20 hours ago
Guidance docs are the "secret playbooks" that say how state agencies will apply existing law. Bringing these out into the light of day & involving the public was a good government reform to make the activities of state regulators more transparent.
20 hours ago
“It was always clear these laws were duly enacted and the December 2018 extraordinary session was constitutional. However, we are disappointed that the additional transparency provisions related to guidance documents were struck down." - @ltvebber on #SCOWIS decision this AM

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