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2 days ago
6/ Also a big win for transparency and the ideal that gov't agencies should not be allowed to play fast and loose with data. Shout out to the team at @WILawLiberty for an amazing job on taking really granular information over nearly a decade of our work and rolling it to victory.
2 days ago
Judge finds Wisconsin DPI improperly released test scores to media. Kudos to @WILawLiberty and @SchoolChoiceWI ! https://t.co/m9rNXrivY4
2 days ago
“The Court’s decision affirms that DPI violated state law by releasing partial school choice data to select members of the press,” WILL attorney @ltvebber said in a statement.

2 days ago
We won...again! A victory for transparency in education data! https://t.co/qLv94uEyzU

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