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Evers’ Backdoor Plan to Stop School Choice

Evers is proposing that private schools must complete all the steps of accreditation prior to participating in the choice programs. This change creates a catch 22 for new schools – the school could not accept students on a voucher until they completed the entire accreditation process but they cannot complete accreditation without students in the building.

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9 hours ago
“There is no compelling government interest in keeping secret from parents that their child is dealing with gender dysphoria,” the lawsuit says.

9 hours ago
WILL President @RickEsenberg joins @VickiMcKenna at 2:15 on @1310WIBA to discuss WILL's new lawsuit against @MMSDschools for violating parental rights.

Tune in --> https://t.co/dAZNxx33dg https://t.co/C3QQJaz7BG
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13 hours ago
"A public school district should not, and cannot, make decisions reserved for parents." - @RickEsenberg

https://t.co/1RAaq9QaJb https://t.co/q61tnKs2X8
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13 hours ago
I don't comment publicly on gender wars, but it IS pretty egregious that in Madison, your school aged kid can change genders w/o telling you. Thanks @WILawLiberty for defending parents. https://t.co/cOzipasEUi

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