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Why Foster Forward Is Needed

A new report called “Flooding the System” from the Wisconsin Institute for Law & Liberty examines two of the biggest issues facing the state today: the opioid crisis and the increase of kids in foster care. This study shows just how closely these two problems are intertwined and confirms the need for legislative action like Foster Forward.

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New Charter Schools Bring School Choice to Madison

Last week, it was reported that two independent charter schools are set to open in Madison for the next school year. Both schools have found new hope through the Office of Educational Opportunity (OEO), the authority created in 2016 to authorize charters in Milwaukee and Madison.

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The Education Status Quo Caucus Has Jumped the Shark

The “Status Quo” caucus of the Democratic Party just couldn’t pass up the opportunity to score political points with their activist base. In a nearly 30-minute rant session, several Democratic Representatives blamed school choice for all of Wisconsin’s education, economic, and societal woes.

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@WILL on Twitter

2 days ago
Watch for WILL's latest release on Monday... https://t.co/VeRxuziZTe WILawLiberty photo
2 days ago
"Democrats' education agenda would jeopardize state-level success" via @CJSzafir and @LibbySobic https://t.co/MeDI19XgUD https://t.co/cLmBJhshsd WILawLiberty photo
2 days ago
Thanks to @SheriffClarke for weighing in on Obama-era school discipline policies. WILL recently sent a letter to @BetsyDeVosED asking her to rescind the policies. https://t.co/jYnZWGWIYy https://t.co/7q1baq8Lho WILawLiberty photo
3 days ago
See WILL's response to @MilwaukeeMPS on discipline policies and their agreement with the feds. https://t.co/cOx2zN3H3d https://t.co/aXesSKRkzv WILawLiberty photo

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16 hours ago
How I said Brian Stelter would report on the Time cover & how Brian Stelter reported on the Time cover https://t.co/QIegOTAK1O RightWisconsin photo
16 hours ago
Walk-off. Glorious.

With Uecker? No words can describe it...except his. https://t.co/V0bYTCjNZB
16 hours ago
This is the best -- by which I mean funniest and most transgressive -- thing you will watch today. https://t.co/GZb8hQUqpO


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