Roe v. Wade

Wigderson on Scaffidi: Dark Store Fight, School Referendums, Supreme Court Pick, Catholics in the Democratic Party, Roe V. Wade

Should there be a limit on how much taxpayer money can be used to lobby to raise taxes? WTMJ’s Steve Scaffidi and RightWisconsin Editor James Wigderson discuss the League of Wisconsin Municipalities’ effort to ask its members (and their taxpayers) for more money to pressure the legislature on so-called “Dark Store” legislation. 

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Leah Vukmir: An Open Letter to Senator Baldwin on Life

At the March for Life, people are boldly sharing the inspiring and positive message of life, family, adoption, and opportunity. Wisconsinites have taken planes, buses and caravans to march to the Supreme Court in the middle of January ever since the disastrous Roe v. Wade ruling was handed down 45 years ago. They’ve been there every single one of the nearly 20 years you’ve allegedly represented Wisconsin in D.C.

But you haven’t listened to them.

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